Martha  and Thomas Henrickson combine their experiences   in   the   visual   arts   to  produce Awakenings :  on   the    lakefront,     alleyways, streets  and  industrial  areas  of  Toronto.

These projects from 1969 -71, enthusiastically   present    four   diverse   urban   locations     as  complete   creative   works.   The   concept   of Awakenings    is    delineated    in   the   book's  introduction,   and  graphically  explored   in  60  black   and   white  photographs,  a  33 1/3 rpm  record, and  site maps.

Hardbound,  80  pages,  8 1/2" x 10"   [ 22cm x 25 cm ]   arterial   books,  1977,   edition: 1000 $25.CAD + $12. shipping - Canada / U.S.A. other destinations + $18. shipping.

The definitive study of the most  talked -about vegetable of our time.  Zucchini artists/ cooks, Martha and Thomas Henrickson have created a visually exciting and delicious book.

Over  50  black and white photographs  made during 1972-73,  explore  zucchini  as subject and  object  of  art,  and document  zucchini in history.   A  30   course   zucchini  celebration, describes in detail  innovative and  traditional ways of cooking  this versatile vegetable.

Hardbound,  80  pages, 8 1/2" x 10"  [ 22cm x 25cm ]  arterial   books,  1976,  edition:  1000 $65.CAD + $12. shipping - Canada / U.S.A. other destinations + $18. shipping.       [Limted stock available]


A  set  of  3  exhibition  postcards,  each 4" x 5" [ 10cm x 14cm ],  printed on card stock,  $8.00 CAD -  includes postage.
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