Inner Mirror,   merges  images  of   landscape  with  the human   figure   to   form   a  new   visual   relationship, reflective of  an  inner  and outer  world of  experience and existence. 

Inserting one photographic image  within another,  the fluidity of the movement and connection between the boundaries of thought and feeling are engaged.Each print explores the drama, complexity, and the dynamic relationship between nature and man created by these combined images.

Most of the photographs in this series were created in Canada; some were made in Europe and the United States.

The silver prints in this portfolio measure: 20" x 24" / 50cm x 61cm, and have been produced archivally in an edition of 10.A masking process is utilized in the darkroom to print one image within another.All of the photographs are hand colored selectively and some are toned. There are approximately 25 prints in this series.